Appraisal Services

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D2D has over 50 years of appraisal and selling experience. We keep ourselves up to date on market conditions and realized prices for a great number of venues. That allows us to provide you with current selling prices for your items. If you hear these statements, well the last one I sold..... Or this one is listed right now for this price or that amount. Those are not the words you want to hear. Could of, should of, or would of are not signs of an up to date seller. It is simple, we will provide what we consider the current value of your items. They might not be what you want to hear! However, they are the current values of your items.

Do you know the value of your personal or firearms, heirloom treasures, collectibles, residential or business contents? Do you need appraisals for insurance – loss or damage; marriage dissolution, probate – taxes and property distribution; estate planning, charity donations, or re-sale? Let us do it for you!

Need to liquidate an estate, court ordered or by family decision, in part or as a whole? Time to down size? Need help selling a valuable or prized item, collection or accumulation? Let us do it for you!

And remember, most collectible be it a glass vase, painting, or family firearm passed down through the years. Are not always covered by your insurance policy. We can provide an accurate, detailed, and video appraisal on all of your items. Whish will allow you to go out and get the coverage your possessions deserve!

Please email us with any questions you might have on receiving an appraisal on your items.