Consigning with Dust 2 Dollars

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Why consign with us?
A fair question to ask of any dealer. Our goal as experienced Internet selling professionals is to assist our customers in selling their items for the highest possible price. We have over 50 years of business, marketing, and selling experience that allows us to operate our business with the highest possible standards. Our experience, product research, and photographs are what set us apart from any other business and that is why our customers bid more often, pay more, and prefer us over other sellers.

Higher Selling Prices For Your Items

Do you want the highest possible selling price for your items? Of course you do, and for that to happen all you need to do is contact us.
Antique and specialty stores want you to pay them a consignment rate of 40%, 50%, or more of the final price they sell your item for. Well isn't that nice of them to take about half of your money when they sell your items. Our consignment rate is 15 - 20%. Now go out and try to find a local gun shop that will do that for you and when you're there, ask them if hundreds or thousands of customers visit their business every week to potentially buy your items. Well, we all know that's not the case. However, that is the number of customers that visit our web site every week! We achieve this by listing your items on the most visited auction sites on the internet.

Services We Offer Our Customers
The most important service we have to offer is this; selling your items for the highest possible price. It's that simple. We also perform appraisals and estate sales. We conduct several estate sales on premises every year. We will be more than happy to sell any of your items on consignment. Just email us and we set up an appointment.

Click Here; to email us about any items you would like to have sold for the highest possible selling prices!

Federal Firearms License Holder
As an FFL (Federal Firearms License Holder) we also have the knowledge and experience to help you sell antique, collectible, or modern guns safely, legally, and for the highest possible selling price!