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Dust 2 Dollars Layaway Terms
In the event you want to purchase a gun using our layaway terms which can be on a gun that we have listed for sale or on a Gun Broker auction. We need you to read and agree to the terms below before bidding.

If it is a firearm auction we will contact you after the auction has ended and set up the layaway at that time. That is if you are the winning bidder!

If it is a firearm is one we have for sale, contact us and we will set up the layaway as soon as we have your information needed for the layaway agreement.

Once we have our information needed to complete the layaway agreement we then will email it to you in a PDF format for you to print out, sign, and return to us with your first payment. If the layaway is for an auction the above steps will be completed after you have won the auction!

Layaway terms are:
1- There is a one-time $5.00 paperwork fee for bookkeeping.
2- There are no refunds.
3- There are no returns unless of gross error of the description.
4- No credit card or cards can be used as a payment method!

Terms on equal payments:
30 day; half of the total due 7 days after the layaway agreement is sent. Balance to be paid within 30 days after the first payment, making for two equal payments.


We expect payments to arrive in the time frame as outlined in the agreement and any payment late by more than 5 days can void the agreement , which means you can lose all money paid toward the layaway. We consider the guns sold, and pay the consignee after the first payment has arrived. So if the layaway is not followed through with, we are out the money and so are you. We have to state that, it is simple business.